LEAP Leadership

We focus on just one thing, the needs of small law firms.

Richard Hugo-Hamman

Executive Chairman

"We have found that there are four great challenges facing lawyers in small law firms; these are the ability to:

  • consistently deliver quality legal advice and services;
  • enjoy legal practice more with less stress;
  • generate sufficient working capital to grow the firm;
  • make a profitable business that will have value in the future.

Most lawyers in small law firms want to help people (people like you and me) when in need and it is difficult to balance clients’ needs with the demands of running a small business. The business side of things always suffers. LEAP redresses this imbalance.

For more than 20 years we have constantly researched the needs of lawyers in small firms and designed great solutions to help them. We have found that the challenges are very similar in all countries. The human needs of clients are the same after all.

We continue to invest in a cycle of continuous innovation designing and developing solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies to bring costs down, and which are remarkably practical and natural to use for anyone familiar with the operations of small law firms.

No matter what your involvement in small law firms is, I invite you to make contact with me directly, I will always be happy to take your call or exchange correspondence."

Chris Stock

Chief Executive Officer

"I am the CEO of LEAP in the USA and have 9 years experience working in Professional Services and Product Management. Before working at LEAP I spent 7 years working in small and mid-size law firms which gave me insight into how lawyers typically work and what can be done to improve efficiency within firms.

Retaining a small law firm is one of the most intensely personal things someone can do in their lifetime. Whether it is to construct a Will, manage a Divorce or battle court cases regarding lawful wrongdoings, lawyers at small firms are at the forefront of what makes us a functioning society.

Lawyers help people. At LEAP, we strive to help lawyers do this as effectively and efficiently for their clients and their business as possible. Helping lawyers help people is the driving force behind my passion for legal technology, in particular, the best software available to small firms in the world - LEAP

Kelly Clifford

Chief Operating Officer

"Having been with LEAP for over 14 years, I have worked with hundreds of law firms to gain an understanding of what the attorney as well as their staff needs to run their practice efficiently.

I work closely with the development team at LEAP to build a unique content delivery system that my staff of former paralegals and attorneys can use with ease. This ensures content is delivered to clients quickly. I strive to discover cutting-edge, innovative ways to provide content to attorneys on-the-move.

There are thousands of automated legal forms and legal documents in LEAP across the common areas of law, typically practiced by small law firms in New York and New Jersey. My team is here to make sure you have all the forms available to you, and that they are up- to-date and easy-to-use. We welcome any feedback from our clients."

Ramsey Cabbani

Director, Sales and Marketing

"Helping small law firms make more money with the same number of people is my number one priority.”

If you are a sole practitioner, or a member of a small law firm that wants to increase profit, leveraging the best technology is your opportunity to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

My teams are laser-focused on the needs of small law firms, and live the mantra: never, ever give up.

This is made easy when you work in a highly driven, dynamic business that is determined to achieve its goals.

I welcome you to contact me via email, so that I can personally show you how LEAP can assist your business.”

Manorama Savanur

President, U.S. Development

"Beautiful software should be simple and easy to use.

As the President of U.S. Development, I aim to provide a seamless integration between LEAP and the Third Party System we are integrating with so that the user has a great experience.

The work we have done integrating Easysoft CDF with LEAP for efficient Real Estate Closing is a great example of the work we enjoy doing. With the rapidly expanding growth of digital transactions as a consequence of TILA-RESPA and MISMO compliance and the establishment of the CFPB, we will continue making it as natural as possible for busy real estate attorneys and paralegals to take advantage of the new technologies working directly from the Electronic Matter in LEAP.”

Catherine Wainwright

Vice President, Transitions

"In today’s business environment, data migration has become a routine part of IT operations. With an intelligent understanding of practice management systems, the transitions team focuses on enhancing the LEAP experience to ensure a smooth and elegant transition of legacy data.

As the VP of Transitions, I am focused on ensuring complete data integrity for all of our clients. We aim to minimize disruption and maximize productivity wherever possible and have a passionate team of specialists who make this vision a reality."

Kate Thompson

Vice President, Operations

"As Vice President of Operations, it is my responsibility to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition to LEAP. We appreciate and rely on our clients for feedback about LEAP so myself and my Team like to get out and visit firms as much as possible.

I lead and develop an exceptional team which consists of the LEAP Helpdesk, Implementation Consultants, Client Success, and Quality to ensure we succeed in delivering first class service to our clients.

We also have a LEAP Partner Network where I work closely with LEAP accredited Partners to guarantee our clients access to the best training, guidance and consultancy services."