Legal Billing Software

Take the pain out of bookkeeping. Client bills done with ease.

With effective billing software, you can keep a pulse on your practice and your billing. You’ll be able to track billable hours, manage trust and client accounts, and capture all disbursements within seconds.

Quick and error-free

In real time, generate bills quickly and minimize billing errors. Hourly rate and flat-fee options allow you to pick the best billing method that is most conducive to your practice. An integration with QuickBooks lets you track billable units, manage trust and client accounts, and capture all disbursements efficiently.

Make paying simple

You can make it easier for your clients to pay you with creating invoices that directly correspond to the matter at hand. Clients can be assigned or restricted permission on a needs basis. A smooth correspondence between you and your client is now possible.


Work done faster

You’ll reduce your number of billing mistakes. Since all recoveries and disbursements owed to you can be quickly viewed, you’ll always be in-the-know. Efficient billing tools, such as customized billing templates and automatic completion of background bookkeeping entries, makes the process of generating bills easier. You’ll finish your work faster.

legal billing software - pre billing guide

Preview it

Your able to have a quick run-through before printing the final version. The Pre-Billing Guide allows you to print off a report and review before you generate the bill and finalize an Invoice.

Save money

Completing large tasks doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can perform the most complex trust accounting transactions for minimal cost. You’ll end up spending less money on bookkeeper assistance, and keep more money in your pocket.

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