Legal Time Tracking Software

Automatic legal time recording generates more money for law firms.

By switching to an online time recording system, law firms have increased their profits by 30%, without doing more work, according to an American Bar Association. Whether recording by time or fee, law firms are enhancing their profitability with legal time tracking software.

Never miss billable hours

Over 56% of attorneys admit to underestimating their billable hours. Every year small law firms are missing out on substantial profits. Firms are failing to capture all their hours because they are using time sheets that require manual entries, instead of web-based timesheets for law firms.

Law Firm Timekeeping

Traditional methods of legal time recording do not allow law firms to reach their full potential. It’s nearly impossible for law firms to record all their hours manually when they are busy with multiple clients and are juggling emails, phone calls, and meetings.


"If a small law firm is using LEAP, the time recording aspect of the case management software will give them the opportunity to record realistically what their staffing needs are.”

- Robert McAndrew, Esq.

Time record in seconds

Imagine intuitive timesheet entry software for law firms that records daily activities automatically. By simply pressing the button “Time, Save, and Close,” instantly record the time spent on a document or email. Legal time recording is now made simple with the click of a button.

legal time recording - iphone

How to capture more billable hours for your law firm

Think of how much time can be captured by time recording from a mobile phone. With legal time tracking software, instantly record time on all outgoing calls or use the timer to track all external meetings and appointments.

Time tracking software made mobile

An attorney just finished a court appearance and can record time and file notes on her mobile device. This is made possible with legal time tracking software. Simply press save and the time entry will instantly synchronize from the phone to the LEAP Timesheet on the desktop. No trip back to the office is needed.

Automated Time Recording
for Your Law Firm

See how you can capture more billable hours.