LEAP legal software integration - Legal Accounting with Quickbooks

Legal Accounting from Anywhere

How Does QuickBooks Online Work With LEAP?

QuickBooks Online links and operates with LEAP in the cloud. Several journals are created in LEAP and exported to QuickBooks Online. There is an audit trail of every transaction, and you can quickly and easily check to ensure that all journal entries have been made. QuickBooks account codes are set up when LEAP is installed and after that, the combined products do not create any extra work at all.

Export all your Journal Entries within LEAP's cloud integration with Quickbooks

Access Your Legal and Office Accounting from Anywhere


Review all of your invoices, costs, and sales with LEAP's dashboard with QuickBooks

Legal Accounting from Anywhere

QuickBooks Online, the leading cloud accounting software in the United States, seamlessly integrates with LEAP. The powerful combination allows you to access your legal and office accounting from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Integrated Legal Billing Software

As a cloud product, QuickBooks Online is accessible from any browser or mobile phone. Quickly capture billable time on-the-go or out of the office with the LEAP Mobile App and do your accounting and billing seamlessly with QuickBooks Online.

Reduce External Costs

Since it is incredibly easy for your external accountants to access and check your data, you can significantly reduce your external accounting costs.

Maintain Confidentiality

Only you and your external bookkeeper need access to your general ledger, so your information is secure and your legal staff can focus on the legal work of the firm.

Improve Law Firm Accounting  

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