LEAP Legal Software Testimonials

What our clients have to say


Mark Montanaro, Esq.

Frank Materia, Esq.

Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq.

Frank J. Materia - Attorney at law

“LEAP allows me to save money because I do not need another office space for file cabinets. With LEAP, I have a virtual office that allows me to have my practice in the car, home, or actually anywhere.”

Frank J. Materia Attorney at Law
William C. Mack - Attorney at law

“LEAP is like a Swiss Army knife for attorneys! It truly has everything one needs to run a law firm!”

William C. Mack, Esq. Attorney at Law
Jay McDaniel - Attorney at law

“Do you want to know what really distinguishes LEAP from the other case management software programs that are available? It’s the people.

Technically the program is very, very good. It’s comprehensive. It’s well-structured and easy to learn. It has the right bells and whistles. But what I love about LEAP is the attitude of its people toward their customers and their business. I not only get real people on the line to help me; we have a working relationship. It is the superior—no, extraordinary—customer service that really distinguishes LEAP from its competitors.

With LEAP, I’m treated like the chief technical officer at a big firm. It gives me a big advantage and levels the playing field when I’m up against a larger firm. It keeps me in check and in order. Great product. Great company.”

Jay McDaniel Attorney at Law
Robert W. McAndrew, Esq. logo

"I am glad that I recently switched to LEAP. My practice area is litigation, and using LEAP allows me to bypass several steps (that I would have to take using other software systems) when I’m creating, editing and saving documents. The merge features and the templates are helpful. Also, so long as I have my iPhone or tablet handy, all of my files can be readily accessed. The billing and accounting aspects of the software are very user-friendly and real time savers as well."

Robert W. McAndrew, Esq. Counsellor at Law
Jennifer D. Armstrong - Attorney at law

“I am a solo family law practitioner located in Toms River, NJ and started using LEAP in November of 2016. This is my first time using a case management system and I have been very impressed with how easily it integrates with both Quickbooks Online, Outlook and EasySoft. I am not a tech savvy person but have found the system easy to use and the online demos and tutorials extremely helpful. Tech support has been very quick and responsive in answering all of our questions. I can now work on the go and have been able to capture more billable time thanks to the mobile app.”

Jennifer D. Armstrong Attorney at Law
Glenn T. Gavan, Esq. - Attorney at law

“I had been in search of a law firm-friendly integrated operating system since opening my own practice. In fact, I had been using another such system when I came upon LEAP. We have been using LEAP for over year and cannot rave about the system enough. Its flexibility with regard to document management and staff interaction is unparalleled. Its billing and time entry components are excellent. I am even happy with their forms and the frequency in which they update and add new forms. The interaction with other software applications such as Word and Outlook has been effective. Probably and most importantly, I am most impressed with their support. They are courteous, diligent and timely every time we've needed them.”

Glenn T. Gavan, Esq. Attorney at Law
Cassandra T. Savoy logo

"I have used LEAP for about four months. It is fabulous. The fact that my billing has increased by 30% because the system facilitates capturing every service provided to the client makes the investment well worth the money. In addition, the customer service is great. Despite the fact that LEAP is very user friendly, we hit a few road bumps at the beginning. The tech team responded promptly and each was knowledgeable and friendly. My staff loves the program because it keeps us all on the same page. I know what has happened in each file simply by opening the file in LEAP. LEAP where have you been all of my life!"

Cassandra T. Savoy PC
Aziz Law Logo

"Until I started using LEAP, I was using multiple platforms to run my small firm. This was not an optimal solution at all. It was very time consuming searching for information relating to one matter from different places. After attending a CLE presentation and hearing all the wonderful things LEAP was capable of, I contacted them as soon as I could.

However, after viewing a demo of LEAP, it was love at first sight. Now with LEAP installed, my practice is streamlined and efficient. The automated document production feature and the ability to bill my clients on the go is life changing! The use of this product has allowed everyone in my office to have the ability to be more effective and we now have the capability to invoice for time that we never did before. The Paralegal in my office said “where has this been my whole life?"

M. Aziz Aziz Law group
De Bruin-law-firm

"Our law firm is a relatively small with 3 attorneys, but we do a wide variety of legal work. Our diversity made finding a case management software that would allow us to handle cases from litigation to real estate transactions and everything in-between, a daunting task. At one point we considered each attorney using a separate case management software for their practice area and an additional software for our billing and accounting, that is, until we found LEAP.

LEAP allows us the flexibility to practice in our own separate and distinct legal areas while also maintaining a single source for billing and accounting. Their integrated closing disclosure form fits right in with our real estate transaction needs. Prior to LEAP we were forced to use an additional software solution for all of our title and closing services.

Our overall experience has been great. Their continual service and availability has made the transition to LEAP not just tolerable, but enjoyable."

De Bruin Law Firm LLC
Erik W. Mueller

"I've been using LEAP for about 6 months now and it has become the core of every aspect of my practice. LEAP makes it easy to keep paperwork organized and easy to access and I am now virtually a paper-free office.

Honestly, this software does everything. Whether I need to write a quick e-mail or reconcile my trust account, LEAP is perfectly designed to handle it.

LEAP can be intimidating but the customer service is fantastic. People are always available on the phone to answer questions. Their chat option is good also for times when you may be stuck on a simple problem.

I highly recommend LEAP for anyone, especially if you are interested in reducing the volume of paper in your office."

Erik W. Mueller Attorney at law

"There are so many aspects of this software that help in the day to day operations. Everyone in the firm stays up to date and it has definitely helped in keeping things organized. It was an extremely easy transition for our firm to switch."

Anthony Allen Anthony Allen & Associates