Legal Document Creation

Create accurate legal forms and documents.

Is there a way out of re-typing the same client information into various legal forms?

With document automation and creation, law firms in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts can access a range of up-to-date, automated legal forms and templates, saving hours spent on double data entry.

Since our legal software integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and Adobe PDF, law firms can create legal documents and forms within a matter-of-seconds.

Legal forms accessible

Document management and production is now simple with automated legal forms across all common areas of law for law firms in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Tailored to fit a range of practices, our legal document automation software lets practices use their own legal forms and templates that they feel most comfortable with using. All forms are kept up-to-date by our Design and Automation Team.

Automated forms made easy

One of the most important functions during an attorney’s day is producing documents, whether it is a form, a one-off letter to a party on the matter, or a document template. All information only needs to be entered in once to be produced across multiple forms within a matter-of-seconds. With document automation, law firms can produce forms at the click of a button instead of manually inputting the same data and information across legal forms.

Eliminate errors and save time

Precision and efficiency is achievable with our legal document creation software. All costly manual mistakes are eliminated with the ability to automatically merge data. Law firms no longer must fall into the trap of making copy and paste errors by repurposing an old form and forgetting to change all the variable data.


Document management on-the-go

Practices are more flexible when they have a case management system with the tools of legal document assembly. Our legal document creation functionality can be accessed directly from any web browser. With our legal software, legal forms can be automated in any internet connection friendly place at any time.

One-off document

Creating and sending a document is simple with our practice management system. Law firms can select who they wish to send the letter to and automate all client data, as they have a database with all client information and details stored within our legal software. All the important data and client information can be merged into the document in an instant.

Create firm document templates

Practices can easily add their own existing document templates into LEAP by either importing their existing document templates or create a new template in Word, Excel or Outlook. When a firm has all their own document templates automated within LEAP they will save time re-keying in client and matter information.

Import legal documents

One of the main benefits of using our case management software is having all documents stored electronically in one place. Law firms can scan into the software all incoming correspondences and file them according to their corresponding matters. Practices can also import any documents or folders outside of LEAP. They can easily be added to the correct matter using the import function.

PDF Compiler

If practices want to compile multiple documents into one PDF, they can do so easily from their matter within our practice management software. Simply select the documents you wish to compile and hit “Create Combined PDF.” Practices can name the compiled PDF and change the order of the documents to their liking. Once content with the PDF, law firms can automatically save it their corresponding matter within LEAP.

A Legal Document Creation System
that Avoids Double Data Entry

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