Legal Document Creation

Create accurate documents, fast.

Is there a way out of re-typing the same client information into various forms?

With document automation, you can access a range of up-to-date automated forms and templates, saving you hours spent retyping information manually.

Since LEAP 365 integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and Adobe PDF you’ll be able to complete documents on-the-go within a matter-of-seconds.

Legal forms at your fingertips

Document production is now simple with up-to-date, automated legal forms that you can adjust to fit your case. Made for you, our document automation software lets you use and upload your own templates.

Automation on-the-go

Your schedule is more flexible when legal document assembly can be done directly from your web browser. With LEAP 365, you can automate your legal forms in any internet connection friendly place at any time.

Eliminate errors and save time

Who thought it was possible to be quick and precise at the same time? All costly manual mistakes are eliminated with automatically merged data.


Best Legal Case Management Software for Law Firms.

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