Document Drafting with the LEAP Legal Clause Library

Accelerate legal drafting with the ability to insert clauses into documents with one click.

The LEAP Clause Library is a sophisticated feature built into LEAP Desktop that gives you the power to draft contracts, forms, and other legal documents more efficiently and accurately than ever before. The Clause Library allows you to create and maintain all of the clauses your firm uses to serve your clients and finish legal drafting faster, so you can save time, improve client service, and make more money.

Streamline Legal Drafting

Make legal drafting easy. With the LEAP Clause Library, you can easily access all of your clauses in one place. Simply select the applicable clause and click the “Insert Clause” button to instantly add clauses into large documents such as Family Law Seperation Agreements which rely on numerous clause provisions and addenda. There is no need to tediously copy and paste each clause when drafting lengthy pleadings and complex contracts.

Save Time & Increase Profits

Speed up the drafting process so you can make more money. The LEAP Clause Library eliminates the need to copy and paste hundreds of clauses to create legal documents, saving you and your staff valuable hours that can be spent on other billable tasks. Clauses can be fully automated, and when inserted into legal documents, the legal document will include the clause's automation function.

Make legal drafting easy with LEAP's Clause Library

All Common Areas of Law

The LEAP Clause Library benefits law firms across all practice areas, from litigators focused on drafting complaints, interrogatories, and orders, to transactional lawyers preparing contracts, agreements, wills, and other estate planning documents.

Enjoy Greater Accuracy & Client Satisfaction

The LEAP Clause Library reduces the risk of errors and formatting issues associated with inserting each individual clause into a document. Achieve greater client satisfaction with error-free contracts and forms, as well as less time billed for legal drafting.

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