Legal Client Portal

Legal client portal for your law firm’s security.

Secure client communication doesn’t have to be complicated. Law firms in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts can now have secure correspondences, without the need for arduous encryption. Forgo the stress of encryption with our legal client portal.

Meet ABA standards of security

The American Bar Association issued a new ethics opinion that strongly suggests email encryption should be part of law firm’s security compliances. In LEAP, LawConnect, a secure client portal, allows attorneys to eschew time-consuming encryption. With this legal client portal, you can have peace of mind that all your client information is secure and safe, without the laborious process of encryption.

Secure legal client portal

While encryption can be achieved through an email add-in, most likely you need to send lengthy instructions to your client, so they can access the email. Often your clients become frustrated with the complicated instructions and do not attempt to open the email.

A secure client portal offers a better way for you to exchange documents securely and quickly with your clients, without the hassle of encryption.


"In my divorce practice, some of my clients are still living together and using the same computer. The value of LawConnect is that they can create their own password, have their own account, and continue to share the computer with their partner, without giving away confidential information. LEAP’s legal client portal is designed to facilitate security and confidentiality."

- Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq.

Save time

LEAP’s client portal eliminates the need for an attorney to set up his or her own encryption key or password in Microsoft Outlook. Our secure client portal saves you hours of wasted time and makes it unnecessary to spend additional expenses hiring an IT Person.

No set-up

LawConnect is an “out of the box” document management portal that requires no firm set-up. Many legal case management systems and legal software require additional set-up processes to enable the client portal. Enabling our legal client portal is simple. You just need a dedicated email and password.


Safe document management software

LawConnect is a safe document management system. You can now have quick access to important documents, such as your client’s identification details. With its high-level security, LawConnect’s document management portal can store copies of your client’s most valuable documents, such as insurance policies and wills, for guaranteed safe-keeping.

Send and receive documents

With our legal client portal, you’ll no longer have to worry about clients denying having received a document via email or losing emails in their inbox. Also, lengthy documents you can’t send as email attachments can now be shared quickly.

Effective communication for lawyers

Our document management portal of LawConnect allows you to select one or more documents within a matter, click, and choose the people with whom you wish to share the document. You have the option to share a document itself or from the electronic matter in LEAP.

Sharing entire folders, such as a Real Estate matter post-closing, is another excellent feature. Unlike email, space for lengthy documents and large folders is available within a client portal.

Organizational tools for law firms

All uploaded documents from the legal client portal are automatically added to the correct matter in LEAP. This allows matter management to occur seamlessly, with little effort on your part. LEAP creates its own LawConnect Uploaded Files folder in the corresponding matter. As a result, you do not have go directly into the portal or download the document manually.

Quick access

A legal client portal permits you to keep a pulse on your clients’ activities. You can see if or when a client views document, instead of sending an email with an attachment and not knowing if they have received it. With our client portal, a notification will appear when your clients have viewed the documents you shared with them.

Restricting access

Unlike email and other client portals, you can simply revoke access anytime, with or without notifying the client. If the wrong document is shared with a client by mistake, you can immediately restrict access to that highly sensitive document. With the option to restrict access, you can always maintain a secure and professional environment. Likewise, restricting access at the end of a matter life is just a click of a button.

Privacy guaranteed

Every client will receive their own unique login. If two clients in a divorce case are using the same computer to login to the client portal, privacy is ensured with individual logins.


Your clients can now access the documents you wish to share via the legal client portal from anywhere in the world on any device if there is internet connection. With this easy and unlimited access, there comes anxiety around the safety and security of information. You can have the peace of mind that your documents stay confidential. Unlike email where there is an inherent risk of data breaches, with LawConnect, all legal documents are stored within LEAP on our secure servers.

Secure Client Portal to Keep
Your Law Firm and Clients Safe

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