Client Communication

Share on-the-go

Are you longing for an answer to the back-and-forth, unsecure client emails that flood your inbox?

Client communication doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s now possible to ensure a smooth transaction of information between you and your clients.

Imagine being able to share documents with your clients on their matters, while on-the-go. This is now possible with a safe storage and collaboration platform, called LawConnect, that enables you to securely communicate and share documents with clients.

Communicate clearly

This easy-to-use platform is created for you to save time and enhance communication with your clients. You can now have quick access to important documents, such as your client's identification details. With its high-level security, the platform can store copies of your client's most valuable documents, such as insurance policies and wills, for guaranteed safe-keeping.

Organize simply

Sharing and organizing documents with your clients is now simple. Select one or more documents within a matter, click, and choose the people with whom you wish to share the document. You have the option to share a document directly from the document itself or from the electronic matter in LEAP. You and your client can view all shared documents from one place. You can now be on the same page.


"LawConnect, a legal client portal, is great because it’s integration with LEAP allows for me to be able to stay within a particular matter for a client and simultaneously deliver larger documents that ordinarily would not be allowed via e-mail. It also provides an added level of security. With LawConnect, I do not have the badge of impropriety or the badge of an insecure method of communication being sensed by the client."

- Mark Montanaro, Esq.

To share or not to share

You’ll be able to keep a pulse on your clients’ activities. A notification will appear when your clients have viewed the documents you shared with them, apprising you of the document they viewed and at what time they saw it. Unlike when you are using email, you can revoke access anytime, with or without notifying the client.

Work together

Searching through folders and emails is a thing of the past when all your documents that you are working together on with your client is saved in one consolidated place. Since there is only one version of every document that exists, you have the confidence that you and your client are always looking at the same document at the same time. This ensures mutual understanding between you and your client and reduces wasted hours spent searching. Practicing has never been easier.



Your clients can now access the documents you wish to share with them from anywhere in the world on any device, if there is Internet connection. With this easy and unlimited access, there comes anxiety around the safety and security of information. You can have the peace of mind that your documents stay confidential. Unlike email where there is an inherent risk of data breaches, with LawConnect all legal documents are stored within LEAP on our secure servers.

Find documents on-the-spot

The common problem of clients denying having received a document and the resulting wasted time is eliminated. You’ll never have to worry about clients losing documents you send via email in their inbox. Those lengthy documents you can’t send as email attachments will now be able to be shared quickly through LawConnect.

Quick access

Many Bar Associations are enacting rules that require email and passwords to be encrypted. This often requires you sending tedious instructions to your clients, so that they can access the email. Your clients often won’t bother with this lengthy process to open the email. Through this secure platform, you can seamlessly share documents, without additional steps to ensure security.

Stay in the loop

Sharing your documents with your clients is an easy process. Your client will receive an email message with a secure link to create a LawConnect account. After creating the account, your client can then access the document you’ve shared. Email notifications will let you know a new message from your client exists. Our in-app notification system likewise keeps you apprised of all new messages.

Secure Client Portal to Keep
Your Law Firm and Clients Safe.

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