Legal Document Management

Document management for your law firm made simple.

There is no need to sort through manila folders for hours with a legal document management system. With all information saved securely in one legal software system and accessible from anywhere, law firms in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts can transform into paperless offices seamlessly.

Legal document searching

The search for the right document is fast when documents are electronically stored to their corresponding matters. In our legal case management software, a high-caliber search engine detects the most vague or complex phrase. Simply type in a few terms to the search bar and be instantly directed to the correct document.

Paperless Office

Work is no longer confined to an office space with the ability to access all matter files via our legal mobile app. Our legal case management software with document management tools allows attorneys to upload, view, edit, and save documents, whether they are at court, on the train, or visiting a client.


Locate legal matter files easily

Recovering information buried in the past, is no longer a problem with a legal document management system. That missing piece of information filed away seven years ago is now accessible when all matter files are saved electronically into one system.

Track changes made to legal documents

With legal documents and forms secured in one legal practice management software, all changes and edits made can be tracked. All users will be able to audit their trail of changes. All changes made are date and time stamped. With our legal document management system, all edits and adjustments made are transparent, enhancing the internal network within law firms.

A vault of legal documents

All changes made to documents and any previous versions will be saved. With version control, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts law firms can manage and track all changes made and view all original documents. Practices will be able to keep a record of all drafts for their matter files.

Unlimited storage

With all legal documents saved as well as all their drafts and previous versions, the amount of data can be enormous. However, our legal document management software never requires extra storage. There is no need for data backup costs since unlimited secure storage is provided.


Snap, scan, and save

Modern attorneys on-the-go don’t have time to make a trip back to the office to add a file. Just snap, scan, and save with the legal mobile app.

Accessible and secure

With our practice management software, law firms can easily view and share documents via their mobile, desktop, and tablet devices for seamless document management. An elevated level of security options ensures all documents and files are safe and secure.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Our legal case management system’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 makes it possible to open Microsoft Office, without ever leaving the system. Working in Microsoft Office directly from LEAP enhances efficiency, as law firms do not have to open and close multiple programs. Since many law firms commonly use Microsoft Office throughout their day they can stick to the tools and programs they know and feel confident.


Toss your paper files

With matter files now stored electronically on a law practice management software, law firms can now declutter their office of paper folders. Not only will practices be able to save on extra fees that were once allocated to additional storage space, but they will also discover newfound office space. LEAP users in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts have consistently reported that they were able to eliminate additional costs and rid their office of cabinet files. Cassandra Savoy, Esq. comments, “We just destroyed 30 cartons of paper, thanks in large measure to LEAP.”

Consistent and error-free

Legal document automation makes it possible to integrate information into legal forms instantly. Simply type into the search bar to access a form and then automate the data. Automation ensures practices are providing the same, correct information across multiple forms.


Legal Document Management Software
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