Legal Document Management

Manage your documents with a simple click.

Instead of sorting through manila folders for hours, take a few moments to locate your document electronically. With all your information saved securely in one case management system and accessible from anywhere, you’re one step closer to creating your paperless law firm.

Effortless searching

The search for the right document is fast when your document is electronically stored to the matter. A high-caliber search engine detects even the most vague or complex phrase. Type a few terms into the search bar, and you’ll instantly be directed to the correct document.

Virtual Office

Your work is no longer confined to an office space. Now you can make work an activity. You’re able to upload, view, edit, and save documents whether you’re at court, on the train, or visiting a client.


Retrieve it now

Recovering information buried in the past, is no longer a problem. That missing piece of information you filed away seven years ago, is now at your fingertips when all your matter is saved electronically in one system.

Track your trail

With all your documents and forms secured in one software system, you can audit your trail. This means you can track any change made by any user. All changes made are date and time stamped. You’ll know the who, what, when, and where of all edits and adjustments.

A vault of documents

All changes made to your documents and any previous versions will be saved. With version control, you can manage and track all changes made and view all original documents.

Unlimited storage

With all drafts of your document saved, you're probably thinking you'll need more storage. There's no need to worry about data backup costs and maintence since unlimited secured storage is provided.


Snap, scan, and save

When you’re on-the-go, you don’t have to make a trip back to the office to add a file to your matter. Just snap, scan, and save with the mobile app.

Always accessible

You can view and share documents via mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

Safe, sound, and secure

Multiple options to save your work with high-level security ensures you stay safe and organized.


Flexible and familiar tools

Be at home with seamless Microsoft Office 365 integration. You’ll have a more efficient working experience when you stick with the programs you already know.

Classify by your style

When you electronically upload your work, you can label your documents or forms by case, client, or another subject. You create your own method for classification that works best for you.


Toss your paper folders

With all your matter saved and protected as confidential information, you can declutter the office. Your electronic files will give you newfound office space.

Consistent and error-free

Having all your matter stored electronically allows you to automatically integrate information into forms. Simply type into the search bar to access a form and then automate data. Automation ensures you’re providing the same, correct information across multiple forms. You’ll save time, avoid manual errors, and gain consistency.

Legal Document Management Software
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