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The Moritz Group

The Moritz Group has been in business of helping law firms become more efficient and profitable since 1997.

We specialize in Cloud based and on premise software. Our approach differs by identifying issues and then applying best of bred software to solve those issues. Our company becomes an asset to your business and not a liability. We have years of experience in legal accounting and firm management. We help shareholders and firm managers maximize their time by delivering them information critical in their decision making.

Our approach builds long term relationships. We react in a timely manner to your needs at hand. Having a process oriented approach helps us implement policy and procedures to help a firm maximize its resources. Having not only an accounting background but also a computer networking background give us a unique skill set to problem solve all your issues. Tired of having the software and hardware companies blaming each other for the problems while you pay both of their bills? We can solve that problem through our wide range of knowledge and experience

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The Mortiz Group
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Bill Moritz

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Certified Independent Consultant

Certified IT Partner

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Microsoft Office 365


Mesa, AZ

UT | NV | CO | NM | ID


Phone: 602-757-6037

Email: bmoritz@moritzgroup.com

Website: www.moritzgroup.com



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