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Exclusive Integrations and Integrated Apps

LEAP and its exclusive integrations and apps give you everything you need to run an efficient law firm and maximize functionality within LEAP.


Because of the way LEAP is integrated, I can include my billing and we kept more time so our firm income increased 30% in the first two months.


Cassandra Savoy | Cassandra T. Savoy PC, New Jersey

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Exclusive Integrations

BundlePro - law firms create electronic courtbooks with LEAP
BundlePro By Fileman

BundlePro allows law firms to create professional, presentable, fully searchable, and cost-effective electronic courtbooks in minutes, while instantly creating cost recoveries for these expenses. By automatically converting large volumes of documents into a single PDF, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, bookmarks, hyperlinks, and a coverpage, BundlePro saves you time and money.

As a web-based software that integrates with LEAP, an automatic disbursement is generated for each bundle and saved back to the corresponding client’s ledger to ensure you recover any incurred expenses. View the full press release of BundlePro's integration with LEAP.

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LEAP’s InfoTrack integration helps litigation firms automate the court filing and e-filing processes and automatically bills the cost back to the correct matter.

InfoTrack offers electronic signatures and then distributes them to signing parties. All finalized documents including served documents and proof-of-service sync directly back to your matter. Users can also launch eFiling orders in CA, IL, IN, MD, NY, and TX from LEAP, selecting documents directly from your matter. Stamped copies issued by the court are synced back to your LEAP matter. InfoTrack allows firms to synchronize current filing, order, and exhibit information from the NYSCEF NJ courts’ eCourts websites to your LEAP matter with DocketSync. The automation of filing and cost recoveries makes firms more money.

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InfoTrack - Automate court filing & e-filing with LEAP
RapidPay - lawyers get paid faster with LEAP

RapidPay, an online payment platform that works with case information in LEAP, gets lawyers paid faster. RapidPay provides specialized legal financial services by offering automatic retainer replenishment, digital links for clients to pay invoices via email or text message, and automated receipts. Every RapidPay transaction is recorded in LEAP, allowing for easy and accurate account reconciliations.

When lawyers make it easier for their clients to pay them, they get paid faster and more often, saving them time in collections activity, and making the firm more money.

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LawConnect was built for LEAP as legal document management and collaboration software just for lawyers. With just a few clicks, you can securely share documents with clients and other parties. They can review the files and provide a response with ease. All documents are stored on the safest and most secure facilities available today – Amazon Web Services (AWS). Statement sharing reminds clients of what is still owed, prompting them to remit payment.

Since LawConnect is provided at zero cost to LEAP users, lawyers no longer incur additional fees of Dropbox or other document storage and collaboration tools. LEAP lawyers who use LawConnect can finish collaborative documents faster, and they are able to work on more cases and bill more hours.

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LawConnect - Better legal documentation management with LEAP
Microsoft 365 - Instant time recording, legal document automation, and Teams with LEAP
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is built into LEAP and enables instant time recording and legal document automation and management when using familiar applications such as Word and Outlook. Case details can be populated into court forms or into emails stemming from the LEAP database of matter information. Not only does this reduce the errors of manual data entry, but it saves time on administrative work.

Be prepared for anything using LEAP and Microsoft Teams by inviting colleagues or clients to chat, meet, call, and work on matters and documents securely and effectively no matter where you are. Using LEAP and Microsoft Teams together, video calls become as simple as one-click and are instantly time recorded.

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LawToolBox helps attorneys, especially litigators, to never miss a legal deadline. Calculating, creating, and tracking critical court dates is automated to provide peace-of-mind when managing litigation, personal injury, and family law cases. With just a few click, attorneys can effectively manage critical dates and court deadlines without having to check for new updates or manually manage timelines.

Automate Calendaring for Your Litigation Legal Practice  

LawToolBox - Manage critical dates and legal deadlines with LEAP's Integration with LawToolBox
LEAP Integrated Apps

Integrated Apps


With LawTap, attorneys can have prospective or current clients book appointments directly from their law firm’s website or email signature. LawTap is available as part of the LEAP Web Portal - your firm’s 24/7 online assistant, scheduling client appointments around your real-time availability.


LEAP works with Xero to ensure that your business accounting is complete and accurate. LEAP sends “back office” accounting transactions automatically to Xero. All items sent to Xero are sent as a general ledger journal to the relevant general ledger account, which provides an audit trail of every transaction.

LEAP E-Billing

E-Billing is a partner add-in that will export invoices in LEDES1998B billing format. It includes the ability to export invoices for a specific matter or for a specified period of time, as well as export multiple invoices at once and save them to individual files or to a combined file.

Intuit - QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is totally integrated with LEAP and provides law firms with the most robust and accurate general ledger system available to U.S. lawyers today. Journals that are created in LEAP are exported to QuickBooks Online. and only include financial information, protecting privacy within the firm.

Leap - App Marketplace

The LEAP Marketplace is a resource tool inside LEAP for users to get access to LEAP integrated apps. LEAP is always looking to build, publish, and manage new LEAP apps to provide additional value to law firms. The LEAP Marketplace is open to all developers making more integrations that can be regularly available and highly customizable. These solutions are available to law firms that need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get these apps?

Visit the integrations and apps pages to get started with these products:

Exclusive Integrations

Integrated Apps

What is the difference between a LEAP exclusive integration and an integrated app?

A LEAP Exclusive Integration is a product that is available exclusively to LEAP users, and LEAP users benefit solely benefit from their features. These integrations work directly with LEAP and its functionality.

An integrated app is an additional product that is offered in the Marketplace Apps. It provides additional benefits above core services.

Are all of these costs included with LEAP or are they separate subscriptions?

BundlePro, InfoTrack, RapidPay, Microsoft 365, Xero, and QuickBooks Online are additional costs. Some of these products/services can be passed through to the client for expense recoveries. LawConnect, LawTap, and E-Billing come with LEAP at no additional cost. Get a demo or sign up for an account to learn more.

InfoTrack only has some features available for some states. When will other features be available in more states for my areas of law?

InfoTrack is building out its products and services in certain states, complying with local jurisdiction and court procedures. View for the full list of features by state.

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