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Discover the success stories of attorneys who made the switch from PCLaw | Time Matters™ and reduced their overhead costs, simplified their IT, and are currently making more money.

Lawyers reduce overhead, simplify IT, make more money by switching to LEAP from PCLaw | Time Matters
Grow your law firm organically with LEAP's all-in-one solution - Brian's video review

Makes growing your firm organically much easier


Switched from PCLaw

Brian D. Perskin & Associates
New York Law Firm


LEAP makes your job as an attorney easier


Switched from Time Matters

Johnson & Borenstein LLC
Massachusetts Law Firm

LEAP makes your job as an attorney easier - Johnson & Borenstein's video review
I couldn't be happier with how the transition went - Anthony's video review

I couldn't be happier with how the transition went


Switched from PCLaw

Anthony DeGirolamo, Attorney At Law
Ohio Law Firm


LEAP has allowed us to be more productive


Switched from Time Matters

Knudsen Burbridge, PC
Massachusetts Law Firm

LEAP has allowed us to be more productive - James' video review

Honestly, I am so grateful for our transition from PCLaw to LEAP. Now that we have had to close our office and ask people to work from home, we at least have a method for people to get things done. Prior to LEAP, my staff would be sitting at home right now without the ability to do much of anything other than check their email. With LEAP Web, everyone has at least some level of access to our client information and documents.

Pamela Green

Pamela Green (switched from PCLaw)

Smith, Green & Gold, LLP | Massachusetts Law Firm


The most valuable feature is the billing program since that was the original reason why I went to look for another program. It is just so intuitive and easy. The fact that I can generate an invoice and when my clients receive that invoice, they can click the link at the bottom and go in and make their payments. Collections are so much easier now because I don't have to have them download a form, fill in their credit card information and somehow scan that back to me. Now, they click the link, they enter their credit card information, they get a receipt right away, I get a notification that I've been paid and that has just eliminated so much of the collections that I need to do.

Angela Neave

Angela Neave (switched from Time Matters)

Neave Family Law | Florida Law Firm


I recently moved to LEAP and love it. It is integrated with Law Pay, MDEC, and Microsoft Office. More importantly my staff loves the new system and learns each day more that can be done on LEAP. All information is located in one place, my pleadings, my emails, my notes, my excel sheets and all documents. I only click into the file, and there is no need to go anywhere else. The client support team is fantastic! Also the reports generated are very comprehensive.

Debra Thomas

Debra Thomas (switched from PCLaw)

Law Offices of Debra A. Thomas | Maryland Law Firm


There are features within LEAP that have resulted in our monthly IT bill going down as there are certain things we'd be paying extra for as part of the IT package that are now within LEAP and one of the big items is backup. The backup probably cost us about $800-900 per month and LEAP does the backup and that makes a big difference. We made a determination that it made a lot of sense to go to LEAP because of what we could save in otherwise key expenses.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson (switched from Time Matters)

Johnson & Borenstein | Massachusetts Law Firm

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LEAP cost?

With PCLaw or Time Matters, you pay for support and software updates, an on-site server, system maintenance, data backups, and additional IT equipment and staff. LEAP’s pricing model is structured for an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for these extra expenses and overhead costs. LEAP is an all-in-one legal practice management solution providing the latest innovations for accounting and billing, document management, a full library of legal court forms, instant time recording, and a web service portal so your clients can fill out intake forms and pay bills online. LEAP provides all these features plus many more, in one system for one monthly price.

We see a proven 30% return on investment for firms within their first year of using LEAP. Contact a legal practice management specialist today to find out how LEAP can help your law firm reduce overhead costs and make more money.

Why does PCLaw | Time Matters™ recommend LEAP?

LEAP is the only all-in-one practice management solution on the market today that can accommodate the unique configurations that PCLaw | Time Matters™ users require. LEAP provides the same depth of functionality that PCLaw and Time Matters users have grown accustomed to but with a simplified IT infrastructure. PCLaw | Time Matters™ users who switch to LEAP gain an enhanced feature set that promotes flexible working options and easy access to matters and client information through multiple devices .

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Yes, your data is safer and more secure hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) than on a physical server. Being a cloud solution, LEAP and all client data is stored on LEAP servers, which are built on and powered by the AWS platform. AWS is the largest cloud platform provider in the world, with 99.9% uptime, and makes security its top priority, meeting the requirements of organizations such as NASA, Atlassian, and the Dow Jones. LEAP stores data for US users in Virginia. LEAP also backs up its servers multiple times daily, weekly, and monthly and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A physical server can crash, get stolen, get hacked easily, or destroyed. Storing your law firms work product on the AWS cloud ensures that cannot happen.

Is it easy to move my law firm’s data to LEAP from PCLaw or Time Matters?

Yes, it is easy to move your data from PCLaw or Time Matters to LEAP. LEAP has the world’s only software built just to move PCLaw | Time Matters™ users’ data into LEAP in as little as two, days. LEAP can transition your law firm and data immediately including your firm’s contacts, matter details, client details, staff details, opening balances, and transaction history.

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