Law Firm Reporting

Improve performance through legal reporting software and analytics.

  • Measure profits and performance to get a better gauge of what cases you can take on.
  • Get an overview of your law firm through insight-rich billing, timekeeping and management reports.
  • Customized reports delivered as often as you need, made to match your areas of practice.


Law firm report overview - dashboard

Generate valuable data for your firm

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Stay on track and measure performance

Automatically run reports daily, weekly or monthly to get a gauge of how your law firm is performing, and whether you are able to take on more work and make more money. Reports are available for Matters & Clients, Trust, Office & Management.

Get an instant overview of your firm

LEAP reporting for law firms allows attorneys to quickly understand a law firm’s financial performance, and where attorneys are spending their time. Insight-rich billing and timekeeping reports give attorneys a clear idea of outstanding invoices, WIP and aged debtors, so firms can make data-based decisions to address problem areas.

Customized to your needs

No law firm is the same. We understand every law firm is unique. That’s why our legal practice management system has customized reports to fit every law firm’s specific needs and areas of practice.

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