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Keep your case files organized from any location or device in LEAP with comprehensive case management software.

Control all aspects of the matter from anywhere

  • Work securely from anywhere with legal matter management software powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Pre-configured case types for all common areas of law.
  • Easily import documents and email correspondence to LEAP.
  • Manage cases on-the-go with every detail of every case saved to LEAP.
  • Collaborate from the office, home, or anywhere to complete cases faster.
  • Reduce manual errors from re-keying data with automated legal case management forms.
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Manage and automate your matters across all common areas of law

LEAP offers pre-configured matter types in all the common areas of law including real estate, family law, litigation, commercial law, and wills and estates. Legal matter management from LEAP includes an experienced content team that can help you manage your matter types, automate your legal case forms, and more accurately record your time spent on different cases.

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Legal matter management on-the-go

Access your legal cases wherever is most convenient for you with the LEAP Mobile App. You can manage every detail of every case on your phone, tablet, or computer with the LEAP matter management features. Every contact, correspondence, task, time entry, financial transaction, and file is linked to the case and easily searched by client or case.

Collaborate to complete cases faster

The LEAP legal case management software allows you to easily and securely share legal documents and legal files with clients or other attorneys to view, comment, or sign. Updates will be saved directly to the case, so you can complete client work faster, bill promptly, and make more money.


“LEAP’s case management is a very beneficial, one-stop shop. It automatically creates case filing. I don’t need a case cabinet for countless manila folders since I have a virtual office within LEAP’s legal case management system."

Frank Materia, Esq.

Frank Materia

Esq. Read Frank's Story

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a case management tool?

A case management tool (also referred to as a matter management tool) is a central system that records all the information about a given case that a lawyer or law firm is working on. It typically securely houses data, tracks task progress, and records the time spent on a particular case or client. Case management software can also be used for other purposes, such as billing, and often has built-in automation and workflows. One example of this would be the ability to pre-populate forms.

LEAP is an example of a case management tool.

What should I look for in case management software?

What you look for in your case management software will vary based on your firm's areas of law and jurisdiction. Generally speaking, case management software should significantly reduce your staff's time spent on redundant and manual administrative work. For example, effective case management software should allow your team to track upcoming deadlines, provide updates, and track internal and external communication related to a case for transparency.

Some other features which you may consider are:

What is matter management software for legal departments?

Lawyers and legal departments use matter management software to manage cases efficiently. It helps to ensure that all tasks are tracked and completed on time by the legal team.

What kind of customer support is included with LEAP?

LEAP offers ongoing support for our customers to ensure success. Customers will be assigned a dedicated Practice Management Advisor and access to our Help Center, LiveChat, and LEAP University for ongoing support and training.

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