Legal Document Creation Software

Instantly generate state-specific automated legal forms and documents.

Document generation software saves your law firm time and money

  • State-specific, easily accessible “fill-in-the-blank” legal forms.
  • Created and updated for all common areas of law.
  • Eliminate errors by entering client information once and having it reproduced across multiple forms.
  • Import your own legal forms or create your own documents.
  • Manage documents on-the-go from any web browser or mobile device.
  • Customize your own legal documents with LEAP's integrated Document Customization Engine.

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Improve your law firm's productivity with automated legal document assembly

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Easily accessible, up-to-date legal forms

State-specific automated legal forms are kept up-to-date across all common areas of law, making document management and production quick and simple.

Create or import firm document templates

Create your own legal document templates, or import existing templates you may already be using. You can create a new template in Word, Excel or Outlook and file it according to the corresponding case. By saving and automating all your document templates within LEAP, you can save time re-keying client and case information.

Enter client information once, eliminating errors and saving time and money

Avoid copy and paste errors that occur when re-purposing an old form for use on a new case. With LEAP's built-in legal document creation software, you simply enter information once for it to be automatically merged across all relevant documents in the case, eliminating errors caused by manual data entry. Forms can be generated quickly with all data accurately reproduced, saving time and money.

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Legal document generation from anywhere

Take the tools of LEAP’s legal document assembly software wherever you go. Simply connect to the internet to access legal forms and create legal documents quickly and easily. Easily manage your case files from your laptop, phone, or tablet with the LEAP Mobile App.

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Compile multiple documents into one PDF

If law firms want to compile multiple documents into one PDF, they can do so easily with LEAP document assembly software. Simply select the documents you wish to compile and hit “Create Combined PDF.” Once created, firms can name the compiled PDF, change the order of the documents as appropriate, and save the PDF to the corresponding case within LEAP.

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Legal document creation software - forms & templates for law firms to compile documents into one PDF

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