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Simplified E-filing with InfoTrack

Eliminate costly data entry and mistakes by filing cases directly from LEAP.

See how e-filing court cases directly from LEAP cloud software can simplify your filing process

LEAP’s integration with InfoTrack helps law firms automate key aspects of the litigation process, while seamlessly expensing all costs.

  • Built-in process serving. Order information is instantly populated from your LEAP matter. Documents and proof-of-service upload to LEAP automatically.
  • Sync case information from the docket. Current filing, order, and exhibit information can be synchronized into your electronic LEAP file.
  • e-Signature management. Easily obtain legally binding e-signatures on your documents. Cost recovery generates automatically on your clients’ next invoice.
  • Expenses update automatically. Disbursements are captured and synced to your LEAP matter.
  • Free activation, no subscription. Pay per search or e-filing, with fees automatically billed to the client.

New York e-filing and beyond

InfoTrack greatly reduces the complexity of New York e-Filing by pre-populating forms and e-filing fields with information saved in your LEAP matter. Documents are selected directly from the matter to prevent mix-ups. You can even download calendar reminders specific to your court and filing type, so you won’t miss a deadline. e-Filing is also available in California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland and Texas courts.

Compelling advantages for your day-to-day searching needs

InfoTrack’s pre-populated search data significantly reduces the risk of human error and inaccurate filings. By ordering the search you need from within the LEAP software, you’ll never miss out on a search cost recovery again.

Simplified 1099-S filing

Using information from LEAP allows you to file your 1099-S form online at the time of the event, ensuring no misplaced or missing information. You get an all-in-one, monthly bill with no up-front or recurring fees.

How does InfoTrack work with LEAP?

InfoTrack’s easy-to-use searching and e-filing systems launch directly from your LEAP matter. Searches are ordered in LEAP Web, and are then automatically saved back into the matter. All disbursements are automatically captured by LEAP Web.

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